Our delicious menu


Slices of pork steak, chicken fillet, home-made sausage
onion, roasted red pepper, baked and served with qatiq on flat baked bread

400gr - 16.20лв
Roasted pork ribs cooked in the oven

400gr - 18.80лв
Boned pork knuckle cooked in the oven
mashed potatoes, gravy sauce, thyme

300gr - 14.50лв
Julienne pork steak, beef tongue, boletus mushrooms, sliced potato

300gr - 15.90лв
Beef tongue with boletus mushrooms

200gr - 14.20лв
Grilled pork “Mom’s” meatballs served on grilled vegetables

350gr - 11.20лв
Stanimaka style stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat and rice

300gr - 8.90лв
Chicken fillet or steak, grilled
unseasoned, with garlic, or with herbs

200gr - 9.50лв
King’s cutlet, grilled with aromatic oils

300gr - 14.80лв
Pork ears, grilled

300gr - 10.20лв

200gr - 9.50лв

300gr - 11.20лв

100gr - 2.50лв

350gr - 15.78лв

350gr - 14.98лв

400gr - 14.88лв

400gr - 16.78лв