Our delicious menu


Rosso salad
mini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, iceberg salad, lettuce, rucola, flakes of parmesan, olives, dressing

300gr - 10.20лв
Amore salad
avocado and chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes on green salad, blue cheese, garnished with sprouts, seasoned with lemon sauce

300gr - 10.20лв
Tuscany salad
goat cheese, spinach, iceberg salad, walnuts, pear and honey dressing

300gr - 9.20лв
Green salad
baby spinach, grilled chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes, green olives, cucumbers, feta cheese and dressing

300gr - 10.60лв
Caprese salad
fresh mozzarella, peeled tomatoes, pesto of fresh basil and olive oil

250gr - 8.20лв
Peeled tomatoes with qatiq salad
flavored with pesto of fresh basil and olive oil

300gr - 8.80лв

350gr - 10.60лв